The Platform – Duplex Mode


1.Duplex Camping Table

Duplex Mode is an extended components kit with four triangular metal plates and a spirit-level hanger. Based on The Platform – Standard Mode, it helps to extend a large and long table suitable for camping with a large group of friends.

2. Camping Table with Hanger

In addition to being used as a spirit level to set up the table, the horizontal hanger can also be used as a storage space for hanging kitchenware and tableware, freeing up more table space and keeping the work surface tidy.

3. Overcoming All Rough and Sloping Terrains

Using The Pole as the center support for the table and the helps of the spirit level sets up a stable tabletop that can adapt to all uneven terrains.

4. Adjustable Tabletop Height

The height of the tabletop can be adjusted as needed. The Pole is 25cm long per section, allowing for easy height adjustment. It is possible to use as a coffee table, work table, long dining table, or even a bar, allowing for an outdoor setup of a small bar.

5. New Triangular Storage Bag

The product comes with a new handmade triangular storage bag that can accommodate both The Platform – Standard Mode and Duplex Mode components. More convenient to store the assembled table.

6. Compact and Portable

After storage, the thickness of the table does not exceed 3cm, making it easy to carry in a backpack. Even a 30L Daypack can easily handle it, allowing you to travel without burden.

  • The Duplex Mode Kit already includes 1 Tailor Made Stake
  • Basic Requirement: 2 Of “The Pole – Single Section” and 2 Tailor Made Stake
  • Standard Requirement: 2 of “The Pole – Single Section” , 2 of “The Pole – Top Section”and 2 Tailor Made Stake
  • This product does not include “The Platform – Standard Mode” & “The Pole” 

    *Image for reference only

Product Specifications
Dimension: 780mm x 400mm
Packing Dimension 400mm x 210mm x 40mm
Weight: 576g
Material: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel

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