As handcrafted products, carbon fiber and metal items may inevitably have some minor imperfections, such as small scratches, uneven surfaces, glue residue, or larger gaps at the seams. These flaws are often naturally occurring during the production process and do not affect the actual use and performance of the products.

We categorize these products with minor flaws as “blemished items.” They are available in limited quantities and sold at a lower price. Customers who choose to purchase blemished items can enjoy a more favorable price while still obtaining a fully functional product.

Purchase suggestions:

1. When purchasing a blemished item, if you wish to know specific details about the flaws, such as their location and severity, please feel free to inquire with us.
2. If you have high expectations for the appearance of the product, we recommend choosing a flawless, regular item.
3. Please note that blemished items may not be eligible for the same return and exchange policies as regular items. Before purchasing, please confirm the relevant policies.

In summary, blemished items are handcrafted carbon fiber and metal products with minor cosmetic flaws that do not affect their actual use. Choosing to purchase a blemished item allows you to enjoy a more affordable price, but please ensure you understand the specific details of the flaws and the corresponding return and exchange policies.

The following are some examples of surface blemishes:

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